August, 8,2015

Single and Archive templates for Custom Post Type and Field in WordPress

by Jigme Lepcha

Using Custom Post Types (CPTs) in WordPress we can create our own custom content types besides the built-in Posts and Pages. Similarly custom taxonomies can be created similar to the built-in categories and tags. And then there are custom fields which can be attached to a CPT to set that content-type specific features/attributes. In this article I go over registering a Portfolios CPT of the Website Clients,…

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August, 7,2015

Use SASS to design your website

by Bharat Thapa

Web design today is totally different as compared to few years ago. The technology has advanced so much that it has given websites a brand new look and feel. Websites these days are designed in various ways using various web design technologies & programming languages. I still remember those days when I used to develop websites using just the table tags and edit my codes…

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August, 5,2015

Most popular PHP framework 2015

by Pranim Rai

Websites, systems,  software's and web applications have become an essential part of our life. People these days are so much dependent on systems which has made our life easier on so many different ways. Due to this trend there has been a lot of competition in the market for development framework to build such systems. The most popular web development framework for 2015 is Laravel. This open source…

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August, 5,2015

Simple Laravel Paginated Sortable Table

by Amith Gotamey

Let’s assume that you need a table view with clickable headings which sorts the data in it with the values from that particular column. This should work on any page with pagination. Please note that this doesn’t work with queries using group_by clause. Let’s get started. For this particular tutorial we are going to work with users table, displaying their details in a table format…

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August, 5,2015

Social Networks in Bhutan

by Purna Kumar Suberi

“More than half of the internet users visit and get engaged in social networking site every day” Social networks are basically a platform in internet where individuals keep themselves updated with latest social activities and news. At the same time it gives organizations, various business firm, politicians and different public figure an open space to publicize, advertise and get interacted with users   Popular Networks…

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