About Us

At aBit, we try to constantly innovate and develop ideas into products that would simplify various processes for an individual or a business organisation. We develop products to simplify user experience, functionality logic and maintenance. Our products and solutions are based on cloud technology that gives our customers the full advantage of scalability, reliability and usability. Our professional Web design team wields talent, proficiency and professional dedication in spades. We are devoted to helping our clients define their target audience, determine the marketing and brand objectives, and build a dynamic website that can help their company move into the future.

aBit is a registered Bhutanese Company with its office located at Norzin Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan focused on providing cloud based internet solutions to the Bhutanese & International market. The company is established on Jan 2015. aBit focuses its business in the development of internet oriented cloud based applications and solutions.


Its the team that keeps aBit innovating awesome stuffs..

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