aBitCheckin is an online hotel management software re-engineered from the start for the Bhutanese Hoteliers.With latest web technologies, it has a stunning design, simple user interface and all required features.

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Find all your stats in one place. This gives hotel owners and managers a great analysis tools about their hotel performance

Front Desk

A single view to all your reservations for a month. An interactive chart to perform reservations and to edit them

Food & Beverage

An effective way to place KOTS and bill to customers on cash or attach to rooms


Simple way to maintain and bill your customers for any services that you provide


All billing details and invoices made available through simple interface. Print it on any kind of printer, save as pdf or email it to your customer.


One click reports available and organized in an efficient way. Bet it police report, TCB report or occupancy report, its just a click.


Customer Relationship MAnagement helps you manage all your customers and guest from one place. Build a relationship like never before.

24/7 Support

Being located in Bhutan, support won’t be an issue. Call us,visit us,email us or generate a support ticket,we are at your service always.

Trusted by Hotels in Bhutan

Hotel Ga Me Ga

Kisa Villa

Kuenden Hotel

Paro Village Lodge

Bumthang Lodge

Hotel Migmar

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