Social Networks in Bhutan

Posted by Bharat Thapa on August 5, 2015 in aBit Blogs

“More than half of the internet users visit and get engaged in social networking site every day”

Social networks are basically a platform in internet where individuals keep themselves updated with latest social activities and news. At the same time it gives organizations, various business firm, politicians and different public figure an open space to publicize, advertise and get interacted with users


Popular Networks in Bhutan



Today Bhutan has over 100,000 registered Facebook users and it is increasing daily. There are various Facebook Pages created in Bhutan.

Bhutanese Business Group Presently with 48,900 members in “B-bay -Buying and Selling Second hand stuffs in Bhutan, it is the largest business group in Bhutan where people use it to sell and buy everything. The goods and services ranging from lowest to highest prices are dealt here.

Facebook page stats in Bhutan

Facebook page stats in Bhutan



News organizations, Politicians and youth are majority of twitter users in Bhutan.

With nearly 44,000 followers, The Prime Minister of Bhutan Mr. Tshering Tobgay is a popular blogger and famous tweeple. He keeps updating important political and government updates interacting  socially he manages to keep a healthy social network environment.

There are various anonymous twitter accounts like JigsNews who tweets in sarcastic way hitting the Bhutanese politics and society keeping the society up to date.

Frequent tweets from News corporation like BBS Bhutan and Kuensel are seen in Twitter. There are many private medias who are an active twitter user.


A Chinese mobile app created by Tencent have dominated the Bhutanese Mobile Users extensively. This app is widely used to exchange voice and texts.



Though it is not widely used by majority of population, it is still a reliable platform for professionals. Decent number of users do use it in professional way.


  1. Advertisements of Goods and services.
  2. Reaching and engaging maximum users socially.
  3. Promoting Business and Websites.
  4. Maximizing hits on websites

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