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Posted by Bharat Thapa on August 8, 2015 in aBit Blogs

Using Custom Post Types (CPTs) in WordPress we can create our own custom content types besides the built-in Posts and Pages. Similarly custom taxonomies can be created similar to the built-in categories and tags. And then there are custom fields which can be attached to a CPT to set that content-type specific features/attributes.

In this article I go over registering a Portfolios CPT of the Website Clients, registering a Portfolio Type taxonomy to categorize the Portofolios, adding a custom field group consisting of Client Name, Website, Date Completed, Description, Technology/Features Used and Client Feedback.

Note that the code can be used with any CPT, taxonomy and custom fields in WordPress, if you understand how the entire process. I have added comments in the code to make it easier for beginners.

Books CPT Archive page:



Portfolio CPT Single page:




  • Custom Post Type and the custom taxonomy are created using Types plugin.
  • Custom Fields are created using Advanced Custom Fields plugin.
  • Portfolio Types taxonomy term archives are set to use Portfolios  CPT archive template.
  • Display Post meta only if the entry has been assigned to at least one Portfolio Types



CPT Archive template

  • URL:
  • Uses full width layout.
  • Headline and Intro Text entered in the backend will appear above the list of Portfolio.

CPT Single entry template

  • Sample URL:
  • Breadcrumbs (if enabled) will appear above the Portfolio title above/below the content sidebar wrap.
  • Medium size featured image (if present) appears at the left with the Portfolio entry’s content right.
  • If the Portfolio has been assigned to any Portfolio Type, it will appear below the content. Multiple Types will appear comma separated.

Step 1

Install and activate Types.

At Types > Custom Types and Taxonomies, add a new CPT like so:

Plural name: Portfolios
Singular name: Portfolio
Slug: portfolio
Tick Thumbnail.



Step 2

Add a new custom taxonomy like so:

Plural name: Portfolio Types
Singular name: Portfolio Type
Slug: portfolio-type
Select Post types that will be used with this taxonomy: Portfolio
Type: Hierarchical – like post categories.



Step 3

Install and activate Advanced Custom Fields.

Go to Custom Fields > Custom Fields and create a new group called ‘Portfolio Details’.




Step 4

Go to Portfolios> Add New and add your CPT entries.


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