Most popular PHP framework 2015

Posted by Pranim Rai on August 5, 2015 in aBit Blogs, Coding

Websites, systems,  software’s and web applications have become an essential part of our life. People these days are so much dependent on systems which has made our life easier on so many different ways. Due to this trend there has been a lot of competition in the market for development framework to build such systems.

The most popular web development framework for 2015 is Laravel. This open source PHP framework  was created by Taylor Otwell with advanced features such as authentication, authorization, localisation, models, views, sessions, routing, schedulers, queue processing and many so many other great features. Laravel follows MVC (Model–View–Controller) architectural  pattern that separates the business logic from user interface making the application easier to maintain  without affecting the other.

The most latest supported version is laravel 5.1  released on June, 2015 with Long term support with availability of bug fixes and security patches.

You may visit the link below to  for updated documentation on laravel 5.1:



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